21 March 2017

A New Marriage Enrichment Class!

Cover Courtesy of Goodreads

This Marriage Enrichment class is open enrollment/open graduation, meaning that you may join us at any time and take up to six months to complete the thirteen-session class. Christian Marriage Enrichment is a new class, so not all thirteen of the sessions will be available on the first day; students can expect a new recording at least weekly, however.

Although the class emphasizes Christian marriage, women of all religious faiths are welcome. However, the class is not the place to critique Christian marriage principles.

The class is primarily for married or engaged women, but single women would likely find the information helpful for future reference.

The class takes place via an online Moodle classroom. Students have access to the recorded classes for six months as well as to quizzes, readings, and integration exercises that are found only in the Christian Marriage Enrichment class taught by Cynthia Berenger.

The Christian Marriage Enrichment class includes six months' access to the following:

  • Over thirteen hours of recorded online Marriage Enrichment classes, including both video and audio (a $100.00 value)
  • Quizzes, readings, and integration exercises exclusively for this class
  • Private Moodle classroom forum to discuss the lesson material with other students. The one restriction will be that students not write uncharitably about other people, particularly their husbands. If a student has a situation about which she would like feedback from classmates, she should send me the information, and I will post it in the classroom for discussion. Weekly student participation is encouraged but not required.
The thirteen class sessions correspond to the chapters in Mrs. Cooper's book (with my own spin, naturally!) and are as follows:

❧ "God's Plan for Marriage"

❧ "Your Relationship with God

❧ "Mr. Husband's Self-Esteem"

❧ "Loving Mr. Husband As He Is"

❧ "Submission Does Not Mean Second Best"

❧ "Following Mr. Husband's Leadership"

❧ "God's Protection of Us"

❧ "God's Best for Us"

❧ "Inner Beauty"

❧ "Handling Problems and Trials"

❧ "Outer Beauty"

❧ "Physical Fulfillment in Marriage"

❧ "New Beginnings"

What the Class Isn't...
  • A place to write uncharitably about others (violates basic Christian principles)
  • Professional marital counseling (I'm not a licensed counselor)
  • Professional spiritual counseling or instruction (I'm not a clergyman)
  • Professional legal counseling or information (I'm not an attorney)
  • Professional medical consultation (I'm not a physician)
Date: Join any day and take six months to complete the class.

Time: Except for scheduled maintenance times, the classrooms are available 24/7.

Cost: $25.00

Book: Each participant will need her own copy of Mrs. Cooper's book You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband, either the 2010 version or an earlier version.

To Enroll: Please write to me at fwclass (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I will send to you an enrollment form to complete. Alternatively, you may find a copy of the form by copying and pasting the following link in your browser - https://app.box.com/s/xficonq7f7k0m7tfzjrcm7sxi7l32wd6. Download and complete form, and e-mail the completed form to me.

After I receive your form, I will send to you a PayPal invoice. When the invoice is fulfilled, you may start your class, usually within twenty-four hours.

Please don't hesitate to write or to comment with any questions that you have.

Agape always,

17 March 2017

Femininity Friday: Ten Ways to Honor Mr. Husband on Husbands' Day

The Marriage of Mary and Joseph
Dear Ladies,

This coming Sunday, March 19, is Husbands' Day!  March 19 is the day that most Christians honor Joseph, the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.  But you don't have to be a Christian to honor your husband on this special day.  

When I was married, I loved giving Braveheart a little bit of extra indulgence on Husbands' Day.  You will know best just how to please your Mr. Husband; I offer these ten ideas to start your imagination working.

  1. Give him a Certificate of Leadership and really mean it;
  2. Treat him to a foot bath and foot massage;
  3. Give him a manicure (no polish is usually needed 😃) and kiss his fingertips;
  4. Shave his face while you are wearing a particularly attractive outfit; 
  5. "Kidnap" him and take him on a picnic for two (you can bring a book to read to each other);
  6. Join him in the shower or bathtub;
  7. Serve him his favorite brand of beer or another treat he rarely is able to enjoy;
  8. Watch his favorite film with him and don't complain about the violence, bathroom "humor," Bond girls, etc. (I used to close my eyes during the violent scenes);
  9. Write a name poem in beautiful lettering and frame it to be displayed where he will see it often;
  10. Have a family Karaoke night and sing a special song to him.
As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped.

Agape always,

10 March 2017

Femininity Friday: FW-Related Videos

Michael Ancher - Sea Promenade - Public Domain Image

I hope that everyone is feeling well, doing good, and sharing her joie de vivre with others!

Every few months or so, I run "Fascinating Womanhood" through the YouTube search engine to see what appears.  Yesterday, the following two videos popped up, both of them quite interesting.  What joy was brought into my heart by seeing the late, great Mrs. A.!  The early FW teachers and their techniques were a joy to see, too. 

The videos seem  to be from a PBS news series structured along the lines of Sixty Minutes.  The first video in interesting in its entirety.  The second video holds particular interest in that the lady who receives the Christmas gift shows exactly how to receive a gift in a girlish manner.  After about the 3:40 mark, the second video relates to Cinderella and Artie Shaw, among other matters.

Enjoy with every blessing!

Agape always,

09 March 2017

Thanks to All My "Midwives"!

book cover design (such as it is) by me
Dear Ladies,

I write to express my gratitude to everyone who has been contributing to my well-being and progress over the past few months: those who have prayed, those who have written supportive e-mails and sent cheerful notes, and in particular those who have helped materially.  Hannah Brady's valuable editing assistance smoothed and professionalized my work.  I remember with a grateful heart the first group of ladies who, in 2004, honored me by asking me to teach an online class and Mrs. Andelin for granting my request.  My precious family stood by me every step of the way: thank you, darlings.  Most of all, I am grateful to God for sustaining me to this day!

Last week was a busy one for me.  I made my last run through of A Fascinating Companion and officially copyrighted her.  Right now, the book is only available in an electronic edition on Etsy and from me.  I hope to be able to have a softcover edition available via Amazon by the end of April.  

The Lesson titles are as follows, in order:
  1. Welcome!
  2. Love and Marriage
  3. Angela Who?
  4. The Feminine Persona I: Looks
  5. The Feminine Persona II: Behavior
  6. The Feminine Persona III: Temperament
  7. The Four Feminine Roles and Joie de Vivre
  8. Becoming an Excellent Homemaker
  9. Becoming a Healthy Woman
  10. Becoming a Worthy Woman
  11. Becoming a Serene Woman
  12. Becoming an Accepting Woman
  13. Becoming a Grateful Woman
  14. Becoming an Admiring Woman I: Admire Him
  15. Becoming an Admiring Woman II: Make Him Number One After God
  16. Becoming a Trusting Woman I: Follow the Leader!
  17. Becoming a Trusting Woman II: Someone to Watch Over Me
  18. Becoming a Respectful Woman
  19. Becoming an Empathic Woman
  20. Marital Intimacy
  21. Stress Relief and Problem-Solving
  22. Maintaining a Girlish Spirit
  23. Making These Teachings Your Own
Thirteen years ago when I began my formal journey as an authorized Fascinating Womanhood™ teacher, I would not have thought it possible that my teaching materials would one day run over 58,000 words and number 185 pages (8.5" x 11" pages, no less).

I continue to work on my Blogoir and hope to publish it before the end of Spring.

Please continue to pray for us as I continue to pray for you all each day.

Agape always,

01 March 2017

My March Top Ten "To Do" List...

Photograph by Jasssmit via Wikipedia in the Public Domain
Dear Ladies,

What are your plans for March?  March is one of my favorite months because it seems so hopeful!  I tend toward the optimistic, and March feels optimistic, somehow.  The Daffodil--one of my favorite flowers--symbolizes "Spring, Rebirth, Domestic Happiness, Respect, Regard and Friendship" and  "is synonymous with Spring as it is the epitome of rebirth and new beginnings," according to the folks at Wikipedia.

I plan to accomplish the following in March:

1.  Ask for forgiveness.  Today begins the season of reflection and repentance known as Quadragesima or Lent.  I ask any of you whom I have offended in any way to forgive me.  Today is also a good day to begin reading the New Testament and to begin a penitential cleaning of one's home.  Please let me know if you would like me to republish my previous series with the daily Bible reading and home-keeping assignments.

2.  Publish a book.  I am giving my book one last reading, so this week is the likely time that the book will be published.
3.  Start selling a book.  March 10 is the hoped-for day that A Fascinating Companion will be available for sale.  It is my prayer that God will use my curriculum and commentary to help women to be happier, to help single women to prepare for marriage, to improve good marriages, and to heal troubled marriages.  Why has the book been delayed?  I have been under debilitating stress since last August and ill since last October.

4.  Start compiling and editing my blogoir.  I had hoped to publish A Fascinating Companion in January and Life as a Fascinating Woman in March; alas, health issues interfered.  The health issues seem to have stabilized, so I hope to publish the blogoir in April, God willing.

5.  Add stock to my fledgling Etsy store.  No, I haven't announced my store here because I added only one item, my Family Favorites cookbook, to see how to open a store and how to add items.  Someone has "favorited" my humble effort, for which I am grateful.

6.  Open and add stock to an eBay store.  Online garage sale, here I come!

7.  Start preparing to move.  Relocating my household is just about my least-favorite thing to do.

8.  Celebrate our Celtic heritage.

9.  Enjoy the annual corned beef.

10.  Give the homeschooling effort a reset.  We have made acceptable, but not our usual excellent, progress this year; now is the time to move forward.

I plan to read Mrs. Sharon White's homemaking book this month, but I need to find it or to purchase it first, so we will see.  I found my copy of Middlemarch just last night.

Please continue to pray for me.  I pray for my blog readers every day.

Agape always,