04 January 2019

Deo Gratias! Thanks Be to God!

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Dear Ladies,

I am humbled and very grateful to tell you that our need has been met.  Thanks be to God!  Thanks to all of you who contributed and who prayed.  The past seven weeks since the car accident have been among the most difficult in my life.  In addition, just this week, several small but urgent matters surfaced, and I could not meet our needs on my own.  We appreciate everyone's assitance very much, with some of the donations bringing us to tears.

May God bless you all.

Agape always,

10 December 2018

Begging for Your Help

I received an estimate for fixing my car today: $1522, plus tax, which would add $150 to that amount.  I have already collected $500 through donations and the go fund me.  I nearly had a heart attack when the estimate came through.  I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to those who have helped already.  Please help me to keep my family together and help me to keep supporting us. 

I have even applied to be a bone marrow donor, but I was rejected due to my health.

Some have suggested going on welfare.  I am still able to work, so I don't want to do that.

Some have suggested applying to charities.  I couldn't find one to deal with car repairs. 

Some have suggested that the car isn't worth $1500. That's probably true, but I couldn't replace it for that much and I couldn't find us a place to live for that much, either.

So, please, in my humility, I am begging for your help.  https://www.paypal.me/CynthiaBerenger

30 November 2018

In a Car Accident, Need to Sell My Pamphlets + A "Go Fund Me"

Dear Ladies,

In mid-November I was in what seemed to be a moderate car accident. The car seemed to be drivesble, so I drove it. Last Sunday night, the car experienced a major wheel failure as I drove on the Interstate. After waiting for AAA for an hour (and making two calls for assistance), the car was towed.  The manager of the shop to which it was towed states that the mechanical failure was not caused by the crash, but he has rendered this opinion without even looking at the wheel that failed. That seems counterintuitive to me, but what do I know?

Bottom line:  I am going to have to pay for whatever went wrong with the wheel. The only thing of value that I have left is my set of pamphlets. The set is the 1935 edition and is in pristine condition, given that the set is over eighty years old. I have the original box in which they were mailed.

The estimate for repair of the wheel problem ranges from a low of $350 to a high of $1200. The place wants $85 just to give me an estimate on the mechanical issue, and the place does not guarantee the work. But I would have to pay to have it towed to have someone else look at it.

Since the sale of the pamphlets is solely for the repair, I am asking $500. Please leave a comment if you would like me to send you some photos.

Agape always,

Update:  Since I wrote the original post, a family member has set up a "Go Fund Me."  Please email me or leave a comment with your email address if you would like the link.  Thank you.

21 November 2018

What is Your Most Unusual Thanksgiving Day Memory?

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Dear Ladies,

First of all, please accept my wishes for a happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your families.  

This year will be a very unusual Thanksgiving Day for my family, and one of the youngsters is struggling more than the rest of us.  I told this family member that many people have non-traditional Thanksgiving Days and that most of those days are remembered fondly as this day will one day be a fond memory, too, even though it might not seem like it right now.

So, ladies, would you please leave a comment telling of your most unusual Thanksgiving Day memory?  Thank you.

Agape always,

08 November 2018

The Birthday Special Rides Again!

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Dear Fascinating Ones,

My birthday is next week, and as my gift to you, I am pleased to offer you a $26.50 discount on my Advanced Marriage Enrichment class, bringing your cost to just $83.50, a fantastic deal.  If you have taken a class from me previously, you qualify for the alumna discount, too.  

Because of health concerns, I have accepted only a few new students this year, so I have ten openings right now.  My health concerns have now been addressed; therefore, I feel that I can make new commitments.  

You will need a copy of Mrs. Andelin's book, a copy of Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones, and a copy of Daryl Hoole's The Art of Homemaking.  

You will receive a copy of my curriculum, A Fascinating Companion, as well as a copy of the workbook to accompany my curriculum.  A Fascinating Companion is available for sale on my etsy shop, but the workbook is not yet available to the public.  

You can read more about my class offerings here:

We have had many troubled marriages healed and many mediocre marriages transformed to marvelous marriages.  For you single ladies, every one of the students who successfully completed (not just enrolled in) my marriage prep class married well within two years of finishing the class.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Agape always,