13 January 2017

Femininty Friday: The 2017 Slogan and Returning to "The Box"

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How is life treating you two weeks into the new year?  I am taking January to enjoy some quiet time with the family, to look for work, to begin a new FW/Marriage Enrichment class, to finish A Fascinating Companion, and to reorganize my home prior to relocating this summer.

I sound like a busy girl, and am I!  That's how I like my life to run.  I figure that when I am old, I will have plenty of time to rest.

I want to thank everyone who voted in the poll for my 2017 Homemaking Slogan.  The winner was (drum roll, please)...

Homemaking is a Dream in 2017!

As part of my effort to reorganize, I am returning "to the box" by re-reading  Sidetracked Home Executives as my first reading selection of the year.  Would you like to join me?  Read along, comment, blog along~I'm open to suggestions. 

Why use a low-tech system to organize my home and my homemaking tasks? Well, I feel the need to simplify my life and to lessen the time I spend in front of the computer screen.  I had placed all my homemaking tasks on the computer, but I found that I, then, had to leave the computer on most of the day, which increases my electric bill.  With that in mind, I unearthed my blue box of cards and am going to re-orient my homemaking tasks as well as my homeschooling; plus, I plan to go through all my possessions and already packed boxes, organizing and streamlining further.

I'll let you know how it all works (or doesn't, as the case may be).

Agape always,

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07 January 2017

Respecting Mr. Husband's Privacy

God Speed - Leighton - Public Domain
Am I old-fashioned?  
Or has respecting other people's privacy gone out of style?  

I ask because apparently I am one of the few who did not snoop on her husband.  I would only search through my husband's or my adult children's private materials if that person had disappeared.  Even then, I would be looking for clues as to where the person had gone.  I might, might snoop on my husband if I suspected an affair and had decided to end the marriage if I found evidence of an extra-marital relationship.

If a man is old enough to become a husband, he is an adult.  We respect the privacy other adults, yes?  How can our husbands be our knights in shining armor if they are treated as children?

I am curious about one thing:  How prevalent is snooping on one's husband?  The poll to the left is confidential.  I won't know who answered what, so please let me know.

As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped.

Agape always,

02 January 2017

Five Fascinating Resolutions (that almost every woman can keep!)

Van Gogh - Almond Blossoms - Public Domain
Are you enjoying a fascinating new year so far?  I hope so!  I thought of five resolutions for 2017 that might help to set us on our journey to be more fascinating...

1.  Take better care of the body.

Your body carries you around, helps you to relate to Mr. Husband, and helps you to care for your family.  Thus, it deserves appropriate care, whatever that means in your unique situation.  Mrs. Andelin shares some ideas that have helped me, and I have always checked to make sure that whatever I decided to do was approved by my health care professional.  I suggest that you do the same.

2.  Shed joy around in some way every day.

I have found that even when I don’t feel particularly happy, if I smile at my family members and try to help them to have a pleasant day, my mood lifts.  Of course, your results may vary.

3.  Complete a dozen homemaking tasks (including taking some time for self-care) six days a week.      

A thoughtfully made “Daily Dozen” list includes most of the tasks in running a home, it seems to me.

4.  Remain informed and expand the knowledge base.

Especially for women who are blessed to be at home full-time, achieving wisdom is easier than it has ever been.  This year, I have set a goal of reading a book every month.

5.   Dress and behave in a feminine way.

What that means varies based on culture, religion, and individual preferences; however, I do believe that when we look feminine and act feminine, eventually the feminine temperament will follow. 

Some ladies might say, “I don’t make resolutions because I always break them.” When we make a resolution, we are at the beginning point of setting a goal. A goal should be something concrete that we can actually do within a reasonable period of time.

The following statement is not a goal: “My husband will give me lots of love.”  Most married women would like that, but it isn’t really a goal because 1) someone else is involved and 2) it is too abstract: what is “lots of love”?

A goal would be something like, “I will take better care of my body by weaning myself off of fizzy, sugary beverages.  I will do that by eliminating one beverage a day each day for three weeks, starting today.”  Someone setting this goal would know in three weeks whether the goal had been met or whether it needed to be changed.

A goal for resolution three above would be something like, “I will make my own Daily Dozen list by the end of this week by listing what my husband, children, and I believe to be the most important homemaking jobs.  Starting next Monday, I will do my Daily Dozen three days out of six the first week, four days out of six the second week, five days out of six the third week, and six days out of six the fourth week.”

As always, I hope that my little “woman-to-woman” ideas have helped.

Happy 2017!

Agape always,

28 December 2016

The Earthquake - Turning It Into a Teaching Moment

Courtesy of Microsoft
Dear Ladies,

I am grateful to report that we are all fine after the recent spate of earthquakes.  In fact, the only reason I knew for certain that an earthquake had occurred was the hanging plant in the living room swung a bit (hence, the choice of clip art today).  Otherwise, I would have thought, "Was that an earthquake?  Or did a big truck rumble down the street?"  

I am always eagerly on the lookout for teaching moments, so the youngsters and I had another discussion about what to do during and after an earthquake and investigated the earthquake using online sources.  We listened, as well, to a report that related the big concern about the recent quakes: they are near a dormant volcano. 

Thanks to everyone for her concern.

Agape always,


Did You Feel It? - http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/nn00570744#dyfi
Latest Earthquakes - https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

23 December 2016

Second-Easiest Trifle in the Universe

Courtesy of Wikipedia - Public Domain

I am sharing this recipe in response to a comment I saw written by a lady who frequently honors this humble effort with her presence and comments.  A trifle may look impressive (and it certainly packs a yummy wallop), but making one is quite easy.  I label this recipe the "Second-Easiest" Trifle because the Easiest Trifle is to make it as a poke cake.

Cynthia's Second-Easiest Trifle in the Universe

One recipe of your favorite cake (or purchase some Sara Lee pound cake at the grocery store), cut into randomly shaped pieces
One recipe of your favorite pudding/custard (a six-ounce box if you use a mix from the grocery store)
One cup jam that coordinates with the cake and the pudding
One-half cup sherry (I don't use the sherry, but it's traditional)
One pint heavy whipping cream, whipped to soft peaks
One cup of chopped nutmeats (your choice)

One three-quart bowl or a traditional trifle bowl.

1.  Assemble all ingredients.
2.  Spread the jam over the cake and cut the cake into random chunks.
3.  Cover the bottom of the bowl with about a third of the cake pieces.
4.  Pour or spread about a third of the pudding over the cake pieces.
5.  Daub about a third of the whipped cream over the pudding.
6.  Sprinkle about a third of the nuts over the whipped cream.

Repeat steps three-six twice more. 

My favorite combo is chocolate cake with raspberry jam, chocolate pudding and hazelnuts.  Braveheart's favorite was yellow cake, egg custard, orange marmalade, substitute mandarin oranges for the nutmeats.