05 March 2015

Quadragesima Cleaning and Reading: Day Fourteen

Vincent van Gogh - The Bedroom at Arles, 1888

Today's Tasks:  Clean the the bedroom windows, tracks, sills, and frames.  Launder the curtains.  Clean the blinds.  I don't usually remove the blinds to clean them.  Since I clean the blinds twice yearly and dust them monthly, they usually are not in horrible condition.   I have taken to using a hand vacuum to dust the blinds--a bit more efficient than a feather duster, although not nearly as fun!

I launder my curtains by placing them in pillowcases and washing them on a delicate cycle and drying for thirty minutes.  Since they are made of seersucker material, the curtains are not expected to look perfect; however, the curtains could be starched and ironed for a crisper look.

Today's reading in the Christians scriptures moves us along in the early history of the Church:  Acts of the Apostles Chapters Six through Eleven.

04 March 2015

Quadragesima Cleaning and Reading: Day Thirteen

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Day Thirteen's Tasks continue in the bedrooms:  Remove items from drawers and wipe out or vacuum the drawers.  Donate or dispose of unwanted items. Vacuuming the drawers may seem a bit odd, but I have found that to be the best way to clean out drawers quickly and completely.  I am trying to downsize even more than I have done already because I hope that we will be able to move in a few months.  I don't know how that will happen, money-wise, but if it is God's will that we relocate, I trust that He will provide the means.

Speaking of God providing the means of fulfilling His will, today's Bible reading is Acts of the Apostles Chapters One through Five.

Today is also a Wednesday, so I suggest that you take some action to improve your marriage.   We single ladies could take an action toward being married. What those actions might be, I will leave to your individual wisdom.

Agape always,

03 March 2015

Quadragesima Cleaning and Reading: Day Twelve

Courtesy of Microsoft

Today's Tasks:   Launder all bedding: bedspread, comforter, blanket, mattress pad, dust ruffle, pillow shams, and pillows.  (My pillows are machine washable and dryer-safe.)  Polish the headboard and foot board and dust bed frame of all the beds.  Use an old tennis racquet to loosen the dust in one side of the mattress.  Vacuum that side of the mattress. Turn the mattress.  Use the racquet again to loosen the dust in the second side of the mattress, then vacuum this side of the mattress. Wipe down the air mattresses in the dining area (There's a sentence I never thought I would write).  Vacuum underneath the bed.  Shake out any throw pillows.  Remake the bed with fresh bedding, sheets, and pillow shams. Repeat for all beds.

Today's Reading:   Matthew Chapter Twenty-Eight, Mark Chapter Sixteen, Luke Chapter Twenty-Four, John Chapters Twenty and Twenty-One.  We are through the Gospels now and will start reading about the infant Church tomorrow.  What an exciting and humbling journey!

May God be with you all today and always!

Agape always,

02 March 2015

Quadragesima Clearning and Reading: Day Eleven

Fragonard - The Study

Today's Tasks:  Remove books from bedroom shelves.  Polish outside of shelving units.  Dust shelves and books.  Donate any books in need of a new home.  I care for the books and their shelves separately from the other furniture in the rooms. 

Today's reading in the Christian scriptures is Matthew Chapter Twenty-Seven, Mark Chapter Fifteen, Luke Chapter Twenty-Three, and John Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen.

Agape always,

01 March 2015

Sunday's New Testament Reading

Elizabeth Vigée-Le Brun - Portrait of a Young Woman

Dear Ladies,

I hope that everyone is feeling well, doing good, and sharing her joie de vivre with other folks.  This Sunday's reading in the New Testament is John Chapters Fourteen through Seventeen.  Many blessings to you all!

Agape always,

28 February 2015

Quadragesima Clearning and Reading: Day Ten

Camille Pissarro - Two Young Peasant Women

Today is another Saturday when I will have some help to reach higher than I can do on my own and to move furniture so that I can access floorboards.  So many times work that consumes hours when done alone simply seems to fly by in the presence of a genial companion.

Today's Tasks:  Wipe down walls, doors, and floorboards in the bedrooms.

Today's Reading from God's Word is Matthew Chapter Twenty-Six, Mark Chapter Fourteen, Luke Chapter Twenty-Two, and John Chapter Thirteen.

Through God's Providence and Grace, I appreciate each day as His gift.

Agape always,

27 February 2015

Quadragesima Cleaning and Reading: Day Nine

Clip Art Courtesy of Microsoft.

Today's Task:  Polish all the wood furniture and clean the decorative items in the bedrooms.  

This year, the bedroom duties are a bit different from most years:  one of the bedrooms shares a wall with our around-the-corner neighbor whose child's father is a heavy marijuana smoker as well as a possible drug seller.  We have tried and tried to rectify the situation to no avail.  Therefore, the second bedroom is not in use and has not been since last fall.  The youngsters now sleep in the living room (they were sleeping in my room, but the living room is acceptably warm at night now), and most of their bedroom furniture is in what was the dining area.  We take our meals on a card table in the living room now, and I still use place mats and napkins.  After last fall's steam cleaning comes the Quadragesima polishing.

Today's Reading:  Matthew Chapters Twenty-Two through Twenty-Five, Mark Chapters Twelve and Thirteen, Luke Chapters Twenty and Twenty-One, and John Chapter Twelve.  I don't know about all of you, but I am learning so much from reading the New Testament in (roughly) chronological order.

Agape always,
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