24 June 2016

Femininity Friday: Five Quick Girlish 'Dos for Summer

Courtesy of Microsoft
Dear Ladies,

That sweet pea and strawberry time of year has arrived again!  Yes, summer is not only "icumen in," it has arrived in full force.  One of my summer quandaries has arrived, too: what to do with my locks?

I found the tutorial below on YouTube and tried all five of the hair styles.  While they took me longer than the tutor here shows, I was able to complete the styles in under five minutes and I have received compliments on all the styles.  


Agape always,

22 June 2016

Wondering Wednesday: Mrs. Andelin's Workbook and Teacher's Guide?

Sea Promenade - Michael Ancher - Public Domain via Wikipedia
Dear Ladies,

A few times a year I receive a request to purchase Mrs. Andelin's lovely workbook, but I always refuse.  Please let me explain.  

Through a special arrangement with Mrs. Andelin, I am able to give an electronic version of the workbook to my students only, and my students are allowed to use the workbook themselves, not give it to others to use.  I don't have any hard copies of the workbook, but as of this writing, interested ladies may be able to find them at online used book stores.

I have only my own teacher's guide, and I don't believe that I have ever seen a copy for sale online.

I have happy news to share. Mrs. Andelin's daughters have taken up the banner of Fascinating Womanhood and have launched a new website:  FascinatingWomanhood.com.  The website is new, but it features some lovely photographs and several blog posts that I have enjoyed reading.  I encourage you to visit.  Mrs. Forsyth contacted me earlier this year, and I am thrilled to report that I am re-authorized as a Fascinating Womanhood teacher.

Have a fascinating day!

Agape always,

19 June 2016

A Tribute to Fathers

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog - Caspar Friedrich - Public Domain
Dear Ladies,

Although--because all our fathers have died--we don't celebrate Father's Day with a party, we do, nevertheless, pay tribute to them and to all they taught us.  I have thought that Friedrich's painting illustrates the difficult, lonely part of fatherhood, the times when fathers must stand alone and firm in their leadership of their children, doing what they know to be right even when the majority are wandering through the fog of error.

I particularly think of Kipling's poem "If" in regard to my father, Dr. J., and Braveheart, the three earthly fathers of our home.  I hope that you enjoy Michael Caine's rendering of Kipling's work.

Agape always,

17 June 2016

Femininity Friday: Three Possible Celebrations This Weekend!

The Picnic - Thomas Cole - Public Domain via Wikipedia

In addition to marking the end of Palindrome Week, this weekend allows us the opportunity to celebrate three times.  This Sunday is Father's Day in the US and Canada (and possibly other places), but did you know that this weekend also includes Picnic Day and, more importantly, Juneteenth? 

International Picnic Day, according to my source, is always on June 18, so that would be something to mark on the calendar each year, I believe.  If you don't live in an area where parks and recreational venues are safe on weekends (I don't), you could enjoy your picnic on a patio, porch, or in the front or back yard.  I remember one candlelight picnic in which we took our dinner onto the patio and ate it seated on quilts I had spread over the concrete. 

If you would like to hostess a party picnic, I suggest that pot luck is the very thing because almost everyone is in an open, receptive mood at a picnic.  In fact, the original idea behind a picnic is close to our idea of a pot luck meal.  With making the meal pot luck, too, people who cannot afford something fancy will still attend the party.  Ask everyone to bring enough for themselves/their family and one additional person; you will have plenty of food but not too much.  With warm weather, ice-filled coolers are a must to avoid unwelcome after effects.

We don't really celebrate Father's Day here, but since most of you do, I will mention that Father's Day is a wonderful time to give Mr. Husband a Certificate of Leadership or a scrapbook showing him all of the wonderful traits he has and activities he does for which the family is grateful.  Preparing Mr. Husband's  favorite meal is a lovely idea, and as three months have passed since Husbands' Day, doing so won't be terribly repetitive. If you are blessed to still have your father, at the very least give him a telephone call or send him a card, huh?

I love Juneteenth!  Juneteenth celebrates the official end of slavery in the United States, slavery being something I consider inimical to human life.  In addition to celebrating the end of slavery, Juneteenth means a overcoming obstacles and making a new beginning, but those are just personal.  My Texican grandfather taught that we eat red food on Juneteenth to commemorate all the blood that was shed to end slavery.  With that instruction in mind, we enjoy barbecue chicken, pasta salad with red vegetables, red beans, and red gelatin salad. Yummies all around!

Whatever you do, I encourage you to make a good memory with your family and friends this weekend.

Agape always,

Juneteenth:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juneteenth

15 June 2016

Wondering Wednesday: Why, in your opinion, do marriages fail?

Call to Arms - Edmund Blair Leighton - Public Domain
Many years ago--twenty or more--I heard a man speak on this very topic.  He voiced the opinion that marital failure was caused by selfishness.  I kept my "polite listener" face on, but inwardly, I dismissed his idea as being overly simplistic.  

Fast-forward all these years, and what do I perceive as the primary cause of marital failure?  Selfishness.  

The stated cause of the marriage failure may be adultery, addiction, desertion, money problems, or any of the myriad of difficulties that couples face.  Trace the cause back to the root, and selfishness on the part of one or both of the spouses is almost always involved.  

Appropriate care of the self remains central to the ability to care for one's husband and children, but constantly putting oneself before others becomes destructive to relationships.  

That is my opinion, anyway.  What do you believe?  Please leave me a polite comment.  I will--eventually, probably--post it and respond.  I am many weeks behind and ask for your patience.

Agape always,

10 June 2016

Femininity Friday: Hear Mrs. Andelin Read an Excerpt on Admiration

Sea Promenade - Michael Ancher - Public Domain via Wikipedia

Dear Ladies,

Every so often I find a YouTube video that I believe may interest gentleladies such as you; the following is one of them, Mrs. Andelin reading a brief excerpt on admiration from Fascinating Womanhood.  

Agape always,

08 June 2016

Wondering Wednesday: Disrespectful Daughter-in-Law?

van Gogh - Almond Blossom - Public Domain via Wikipedia


Nigel (not his real name), Diana (not her real name), and their children move in with his parents so that Nigel can further his education and better his employment situation.  The length of this program is usually four years–hardly ever shorter, could be longer–so the living situation is probably not temporary.

Nigel’s mother Millicent (another pseudonym) is not pleased with the way Diana treats Nigel; specifically, Millicent feels that Diana is disrespectful to Nigel, and she feels justifiably upset at seeing her son treated in a disrespectful manner.


  1. Would a fascinating woman treat her husband disrespectfully?
  2. How do I get Diana to become a fascinating woman?
The short answer to the first question is easy with a side of peasy: no, a fascinating woman would not treat her husband (or anyone else) disrespectfully. 

Having written that and meant it, however, I am going to add the disclaimer that disrespect is so common in American society that many wives are not aware of being disrespectful.  Wives may believe that they are being cute or funny when, in fact, their husbands feel disrespected even if they do not complain.

In this particular case, I suspect that Diana is angry at Nigel for choosing to/having to move in with his parents. I don’t blame her for resenting not having her own home.  To my way of thinking, a home of her own is every wife’s right.  The wife is to be content with whatever shelter arrangement that her husband can provide, from a studio apartment to a multi-level mansion with a car elevator.

I believe that the second question reveals a lack of acceptance of Diana by Millicent.  It sounds to me as though Millicent is merely tolerating Diana, not accepting her right to be herself.  I believe that we can accept people or reject people, and both of those options are fine. In my experience, merely tolerating people proves problematic. 

Empathy is also in order.  We also don’t know how much Diana had to sacrifice for Nigel to return to school, nor do we know how much flak Diana received from her family and friends.  Diana may be hurting and, unfortunately, taking out that hurt on her husband by disrespecting him.  Her psychological pain *does not* make the disrespect acceptable; however, realizing the root of the problem may help with finding a solution.

To attract Diana to the teachings of Fascinating Womanhood, I suggest that Millicent show Radiant Happiness, Serenity, and Acceptance to Diana. Learn to love Diana in spite of her human faults and look to her better side.  Millicent is, I surmise, living all Fascinating Womanhood teachings and, therefore, enjoying a nigh-unto rapturous relationship with her husband.  Someday Diana may ask Millicent why she is so happy, and Millicent can introduce Diana to the book.

I hope that my little “woman-to-woman” ideas have helped.

Agape always,
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