Marriage Enrichment Classes

Updated July 22, 2017

Greetings, Ladies!

While I have asked Dixie Forsyth to remove my name from her website because I will not teach from her book, I do continue to offer Marriage Enrichment Classes using Mrs. Andelin's books as textbooks as I have done since 2004.

The cost of the Basic Marriage Enrichment Class is $40.00 (USD).  You will need your own copy of Mrs. Andelin's book Fascinating Womanhood or The Fascinating Girl for the class.

The class is an excellent place to have your questions answered and to chat with other ladies during class.  Topics covered in the class include the following: 

❧ The four types of marriages
❧ The ideal woman from a man’s perspective
❧ Recognizing and achieving Celestial Love
❧ Awakening love, tenderness, and devotion from loved ones
❧ Joy from embracing femininity and the four feminine roles
❧ Self-acceptance and appropriate self-love
❧ Overcoming role confusion and the need to control others
❧ Releasing trying to live both male and female roles--

and suggestions for when you must engage in masculine duties
❧ Releasing worry and bitterness
❧ How to give up old resentments and hurts
❧ Developing self-control and character
❧ Improvement of homemaking, organizing, and child-rearing skills
❧ Achieving serenity no matter your life circumstances
❧ The Eight Relationship Rules and how to tailor them to your situation
❧ Accepting others without being a doormat
❧ Retaining a girlish spirit at any age
❧ Dealing with life's inevitable adversity
❧ Dealing with stress, the fascinating way
❧ Maintaining a sweet spirit when others offend you
❧ Marital intimacy and the fascinating woman
❧ Making the teachings of Fascinating Womanhood your own

An Advanced class is available for ladies who would like to have a longer time period to complete the class, enrichment activities, personal mentoring from me, and two homemaking classes.  The Advanced Marriage Enrichment Class includes a copy of my book A Fascinating Companion in eBook form.  The fee for the Advanced class is $110.00.

Please leave a comment on the blog or e-mail me with any questions you might have.  To enroll in the class, please write to me at berengerfamily atsign yahoodotcom for an enrollment form or you may download a form here.  

Agape always,


Nena Karrova said...

Hello Cynthia!!!i ve just purchased your fascinating companion e-book but i think it is not enough and i will have to attend the class-the junior one of course since i am single!!!

So,if i enroll in the class,i will be able to listen to the lessons whenever i want?because my working schedule is very difficult!!!

Thank you in advance and thank you also for accepting me as your fb friend!!!!

Αγάπη to you too!!!( i am greek :-) )

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Nena,

I appreciate both your comment and your enthusiasm. Thank you.

If you read all the lessons and complete the assignments, you will have effectively taken the junior class.

If you did choose to take the class, you would be able to listen to the lessons whenever you wished to as they are available all the time, except when the classroom is off-line for maintenance.

I, too, am glad that we are Facebook friends. :)

You are my first Greek Facebook friend, so that is doubly wonderful!

Agape always,

Nena Karrova said...

Ok!a fascinating companion needs company!!!

i sent you an e mail

Thank you

Cynthia Berenger said...