01 July 2018

July's Fascinating Days

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July’s Fascinating Days

1: Happy Canada Day!
4: Happy Independence Day!  (Barbecue, anyone?)
6: Enjoy some fried chicken on Fried Chicken Day
7: Who needs a reason?  It’s Chocolate Day
10: Have a Teddy Bear Picnic
12: Indulge moderately on Pecan Pie Day
14: Happy Bastille Day!  (Although Bastille Day wasn't very good for my family, I love to watch the parade [those Legionnaires!].)
20: Sing the Lollipop song (very girlish!) on Lollipop Day
28: Look especially chic on Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’s Birthday
30: Happy Friendship Day!

Beat the heat by visiting a beach, lake, river, or water park this month: be sure to observe water safety rules.

This month’s reading: To be frank, I have been so sick for the past two months that I have almost quit reading entirely, which concerns everyone who knows me as that has never happened before.  

Heather and Charlotte, bless them, sent me a stack of Victoria magazines and some art supplies that are still in the box. My FBI reading has fallen by the wayside, and I haven’t opened a novel since April.   

The one book that I have been working on in little bites is Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman.  I truly believe that almost every adult would benefit from reading Mr. Silberman’s book.

Please continue to pray for my family and me.  Every time I think I have my problems solved, I am thrown a new curve.

Agape always,

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