06 May 2018

May's Fascinating Days

1 May 1851 by Winterhalter - Public Domain via Wikipedia
Dear Ladies,

I hope that everyone is feeling well, doing good, and sharing her joy with others!

I found it personally significant that the flower for May--Lily of the Valley, depicted in the painting, above--symbolizes "the return of happiness" per our friends at the Wikipedia.

I am catching up on my non-fiction reading this month, continuing to read about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and my new fiction reading is a classic:  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Some of my Fascinating Days have already passed (no matter how organized one might be, moving house is challenging!), I have several more days ahead this month:

1:  Saint Joseph's Day - Thank a hardworking person of my acquaintance (I used to thank my husband for all his hard work, so that's an option, too.)
4:  Star Wars Day
5:  Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby
9:  Significant Others' Birthday Day -  Several years ago, it dawned on me that quite a few of my significant others had been born on May 9.  Isn't that funny?  So, I decided to make my own special day in the guys' honor.
12: Train Day
13: Mothers' Day
18: Have a Pizza Party!
23:  Turtle Day - Take some time to learn about these fascinating creatures!
24:  Tiara Day - Wear one to show that you are the queen of your home!
30:  Traditional Memorial Day - Choose a way to memorialize fallen heroes.  The Memorial Day Foundation website (www.memorialdayfoundation.org) shares many possibilities.

Have a fascinating May!

Agape always,


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