15 May 2018

Is She Just a Lazy Homemaker...or Could Something Else Be the Matter?

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Dear Ladies,

As long-term readers of my humble effort may recall, one of my life challenges is ADHD.  For the first thirty years of my life, my family, friends, teachers, and I wondered what in the world was wrong with me.  I was intelligent and talented, but I couldn't stay "on track" long enough to go beyond the basics in any field of endeavor.

Even my own dear grandmother once said I was lazy.  When she later apologized, Grandma said that she knew I wasn't lazy, but something was wrong and she could only describe it with that word.  Grandma knew, as did I, that I kept busy all day, day after day, but that I frequently lacked any real accomplishment.  

Fast-forward several years to my college days:  While in a child development class centered on middle childhood, I learned about ADHD.  I thought, "That sounds just like me when I was a little girl!"  I was working with a psychologist at the time and shared my thoughts with him.  A proper diagnosis and treatment with cognitive-behavioral techniques revolutionized my life.  

As part of my continuing self-care, I read about ADHD and found this article on the wonderful TotallyADD.com website that I thought might be helpful.  You see, ADHD is frequently missed in women because our symptoms can subtly differ from those of men.  

While it is true that some women are simply lazy, I believe that many women who are so labeled are, in fact, suffering from one or more disorders, commonly among them ADHD.

I hope that my little woman-to-woman ideas have helped.

Agape always,

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