22 March 2018

Wondering Wednesday (on Thursday): "What Can I Do about My Poor Character?"

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Dear Ladies,

I received the following question from a Yahoo! group member: "I feel that my character is so bad that nothing can improve it.  [She went into some personal details that I won't share.] What could I do?"  This following is the answer I shared with the group:

My woman-to-woman, not-a-professional suggestion to improve character would be to look at the traits Mrs. A gives in the character chapter in her book and rank the worst (the one that challenges you the most), the second worst, etc., until all of them have a rating from worst to best.  Next, start with the most challenging character trait and work on improvement (remember, we look for progress, not perfection) for a month; move to the second most challenging and so on until you have worked through all of them.  Doing so will take you about a year, but at the end of the year, you should be able to look back and see improvement.  Work on the rest of Mrs. A's teachings as you go along to improve your self-esteem, which, in turn, will help you to realize your worth as a woman and make it less likely that you will make unwise choices.  As always, I hope that my little woman-to-woman ideas have helped.  

In the venue of my blog, I would add that I encourage everyone who can do so safely to read The Holy Bible each day for fifteen minutes.  Do so even if you are an atheist.  The Holy Bible, if nothing else, is chockablock with ancient wisdom that, for millennia, has helped people to improve their lives and the way they treat others (but that's just my opinion).  

Agape always,

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