30 March 2018

Femininity Friday: Forgiveness

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Dear Ladies,

I hope that you all are feeling well, doing good, and sharing your joie de vivre with others.  This week, not without reason, I have been pondering the concept of forgiveness.

We would be lost without forgiveness.  We all do things every day--usually unintentionally, but sometimes very intentionally--that transgress the word of God and that hurt other people.  Doing so just seems to be human nature.  We blunder through life, and we sin every day.  The key is to seek forgiveness from God and from the people we have offended (if doing so would be safe and appropriate), and we must also learn to forgive.

Learning to forgive those who have hurt us helps us to grow in charity and humility and love.   Does forgiving others mean what they did was acceptable?  I don't believe so, no.  To my way of thinking, when we forgive those who have offended us, we release ourselves from bondage to whatever act hurt us, lessening the likelihood that our spirits will be embittered.

Good Friday is the day when Christians the world over commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus, whom we regard as our Lord and our Savior.  For  His sake, I beg you to forgive me for anything I have written or done that upset you in any way.

As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped you.

I wish you and yours a blessed Paschal Triduum.

Agape always,

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