02 August 2017

Wondering Wednesday: "I Love My Job: Do I Have to Quit?"

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As I proceeded through the assembly of my blogoir, I noticed a post that I had originally written in 2012 but never posted.  The question remains relevant five years later.

My short answer is simple. Of course not. You are an adult and can do as you wish. Mrs. A worked outside the home early in her marriage, and Mrs. B (me) worked outside the home and works outside the home due to financial necessity.

My long answer is more complex. Legitimate work of any kind, done diligently, raises the dignity of the person. Homemaking and child-rearing are both vocation and work, with eternal rewards and consequences.  According to Saint Paul, women are to put their husbands and children as the first of their earthly concerns and to take good care of their homes.  That is difficult to do if one is working away from the home forty hours a week.  Ideally, and especially if a woman has dependent children, she would devote herself to her family, living the Four Feminine Roles to the utmost. 

I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped. 

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