04 August 2017

Femininity Friday: The Pleasure of Being a Woman

Jeanne Moreau - Jacques Fresco - CC by SA 3.0 via WikiCommons

One of my favorite actresses and another of my femininity stars died this past week.  I chose this particular image of Jeanne Moreau out of the many available via WikiCommons because it shows me (and you, I hope) the lesson of remaining feminine and girlish even well into old age.  Here, Mme Moreau is in her eighties, but she has accessorized in a very cute manner, has styled her hair a girlish hairdo, and is wearing light makeup that compliments her coloring.

Although Jeanne Moreau's acting amazed me and brought me and her millions of other worldwide fandom great joy, one of her roles impacted my philosophy of life and my teaching of femininity and marriage enrichment: her role as Amande in Nikita.  The film itself is powerful, showing the redemption of a young woman, by love, in the midst of an extremely violent and amoral world.  Although the film includes no nudity that I recall (many years have passed since I viewed the film), it is horrifically violent and deserves its "R" rating.

In the film, Amande is part of the young woman's preparation to become a state assassin for France.   In one of the pivotal scenes of the film, Amande makes the following short speech to Nikita, a speech that impacted my thinking about femininity (my translation from the French):

Let yourself be guided by pleasure, the pleasure of being a woman.  And don't forget that there are two things that are limitless: femininity and the ability to exploit it.

The first part of the speech revolutionized my thinking about Mrs. Andelin's work.  Everything about femininity exists to bring us pleasure: appearance, behavior, temperament, being a fascinating companion, living our other feminine roles.  All of this is given to women by God, I believe, to bring us pleasure.

The second part of the speech taught me that without the character teachings in her work, femininity could be used exploitively.

Here follows links to articles about Mme Moreau as well as the speech I referenced above from Nikita.

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