26 July 2017

Wondering Wednesday: "Where Can I Meet Mr. Right?"

The Accolade - Leighton - Public Domain
Gentle Readers,

I hope that everyone is doing good, feeling well, and sharing her joie de vivre with others.

Today's question is a paraphrase of one that I have been asked many times in many ways.

Since I don't know anyone personally, I cannot really say where an individual woman might meet her Mr. Right.  The following are a few "woman-to-woman" ideas that came to mind based on past actions of my own.  Your results may vary, and always keep personal safety at the forefront of any activity.

  • In one's own home.  If at all possible, I try to share hospitality on a monthly basis.  Since everything is very casual, one guest can bring someone new to the gathering.  Safety first, as always!
  • At one's religious organization.   I attend Church as often as possible and, back in the day, attended all the activities for singles and for families.
  • At the hardware store.  I need to shop for items to maintain my home, and I always look my best when I do.
  • At the fire station.  Many fire stations offer tours.  
  • At the police station.  Many police departments and sheriff's departments offer tours or "citizen's academies."  
  • At shareholder's meetings.  Be sure to research carefully before investing any money is my woman-to-woman suggestion.  I don't know how things are now, of course, but I used to purchase sometimes just enough stock to be invited to the shareholder's meetings. 
  • At volunteer activities.  I met someone very important to me while volunteering at the local hospital.
  • At work.  I know that many of my readers don't believe in women working away from home in any form, and I respect that.  Most of us, however, don't have that blessing and must work away from home at some point in our lives.
  • Just walking around.  My mother used to say, "Always have a manicure because you never know who might want to hold your hand." 😊
As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped.

Agape always,

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