22 July 2017

An Important Announcement Regarding My Teaching

Sea Promenade - Michael Ancher - Public Domain

From the biography section on my website:  "Cynthia was authorized to teach classes by Helen B. Andelin, now of blessed memory, and in 2012, Brian Andelin, now also of blessed memory, confirmed his support of her teaching with his late mother's books.  In 2016, Dixie Forsyth began authorizing teachers, and Cynthia was authorized by her to teach.  On July 22, 2017, Cynthia was informed of the new requirement of teaching with Mrs. Forsyth's book, which Cynthia did not wish to do as she has no acquaintance with the book.  Therefore, on that date, Cynthia requested to have her name removed from Mrs. Forsyth's website.  Cynthia will continue to teach using Mrs. Andelin's books as textbooks."  

Link to my website: https://fwclass.wixsite.com/cynthiaberenger/about-cynthia

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