05 June 2017

"Last Call" for Basic Marriage Enrichment...

Sea Promenade - Michael Ancher - Public Domain
Good Monday Morning, Fascinating Ones!

This is the day to feel well (as well as possible), to do good, and to share joie de vivre with those in our respective spheres of influence.  

From now until July 1 marks the "Last Call" for the Basic Marriage Enrichment class. I just feel that with my teaching materials published, a woman would be gain more from reading my curriculum and commentary than taking the Basic ME class.  Still, I thought that perhaps a few ladies might yet wish to view my presentations, so I will wait until December 31, 2017, to end the Basic ME class permanently.  I give students six months to complete the Basic ME class: hence, July 1 as the last date to begin in order to have the full advantage of the class.

Information on the Basic ME class may be found on my temporary website: https://fwclass.wixsite.com/cynthiaberenger/classes

Be sure to ask any questions you have about the class.  

As far as I know today, the Advanced ME class will continue.

May God bless you and yours, now and forever!

Agape always,


Nena Ker said...

There are things shared in the B.M.E.C that are not found in the book!e.g the book recommendations you make,or some different assignments,or questions answered!why would you stop it!!!

About the book recommendation in the feminine temperature lesson:i purchased it yesterday and after about 4 pages i read,i found myself!!!(a woman that takes the masculine role so that she can be enough)I am sure it will help me a lot!!!

Thank you thank you thank you and lots of Αγάπη to you!!!

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Nena,

Your sweet spirit shines through in this comment. I appreciate your lovely words. Thank you!

I will consider very carefully what you have written because you have the experience of taking the BMEC and reading the book.

What you write about taking the masculine role "so that she can be enough" is a common experience. Learning that being feminine is enough can free a woman's spirit, I believe.

Agape always,