09 June 2017

Femininity Friday: Easy-Peasy Slushy Strawberry Lemonade

Courtesy of Dover Publishing

This week brought the bounty of six pints of strawberries for just $2.00.  What a blessing!

Our preferred way to eat fruits and vegetables is just as God made them.  However, fresh strawberries don't last forever, developing soft spots all too quickly, so I froze about half of the ruby red ravishers for smoothies.  

A sweet serendipity occurred when a neighbor brought me a few lemons, and I decided to make lemonade.  Eventually my mind matched the two, and I came up with an idea for Easy-Peasy Slushy Strawberry Lemonade.

Cynthia's Easy-Peasy Slushy Strawberry Lemonade

Forty-eight ounces lemonade (made with the recipe of your choice)
One pint strawberries--rinsed, trimmed, halved, and frozen

Combine both in a blender and pulse until a slushy mixture results.  Enjoy!

Serves six generously with a bit left over.

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