17 May 2017

My Whereabouts, New Website, Etc.

The Favourite Poet - Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Public Domain
Dear Ladies,

I pray this day finds you feeling well, doing good, and sharing your joie de vivre with those in your sphere of influence.  I thank everyone who has written or posted a comment asking about my well-being.  I hit another snag health-wise, but I am now enjoying more good days than not.  I was able to teach my class yesterday afternoon and to mentor a student, so those were good activities.

Another good activity:  Last weekend, I spent some time putting together a temporary website, which I hope that you will visit and like.  The process was surprisingly easy.  Eventually, I will figure out how to put the domain I already know on the new website, but that will have to wait.  Here is the the link:  https://fwclass.wixsite.com/cynthiaberenger

Other than homeschooling and the bit of online activity, I have been resting and taking good care of myself.  To those I owe correspondence, please know that I will write as soon as I can.

Please pray for me and know that I pray for you.

Have a fascinating day!

Agape always,


Nena Ker said...

Oh Cynthia,

I didn t know you had a problem with your health!of course i will pray for you (in my everyday prayers :-) :-)

Please get well soon,because you are included in the list of "CERTIFIED TEACHERS" in the Fascinating Womanhood blog (this is a new section)!!!Congratulations!!!And you will have a lot of work to do,because a lot of new students will come !!!just reading some books won t make a fascinating woman,we need to work hard!!!

Αγάπη to you

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Nena,

I appreciate receiving your lovely comment. Thank you. I am honored to be a Certified Teacher and am feeling better, I believe, due to your and other ladies' prayers.

Agape always,