20 April 2017

Wondering Wednesday: "What Do You Consider a Minimum Wardrobe?"

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Dear Ladies,

Are you feeling well, doing good, and sharing your joie de vivre with others?  I hope so!  

The question for today reflects a new anti-materialistic spirit that is permeating the younger people in the world, or so it seems to me, anyway.  Younger people are rejecting the "gotta have more stuff" spirit that has led many cultures in our world for the past several decades.  

I say, good for them!  There's much more to life than the accumulation of unneeded material goods.

What I consider to be a minimal wardrobe follows "The Rule of Three" for clothing:  one to wear, one in the closet, one in the laundry.  Thus, a woman needs three aprons, three housedresses, and three "going out" outfits.  To stretch the wardrobe even farther, the "going out" outfits could be three tops and three skirts, making nine outfits, plenty of clothing for nearly any woman.  

A minimal wardrobe would be problematic for a woman who did not have her own laundry facilities; at the same time, if a woman knew that she had fewer clothing options without spending two hours going to the laundromat, she might be even more careful than usual to avoid soiling her clothes.  

As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped you.

Agape always,


Polly said...

The title of this post drew me in, and I hopped over from Lydia's site.

This is timely, because I'm currently pondering my summer wardrobe. I've never thought in terms of threes, but I LIKE this idea. I'm going to use it as I consider my summer clothing needs.

I must admit, I have more than three aprons. Hmm, maybe I can have "summer" aprons and "winter" aprons and get away with it...?? :)

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Polly,

Your lovely comment made my day. Thank you.

About seasonal aprons: Why not? I like to coordinate my apron with my housedress, and even where I live, I have hot weather housedresses and cool weather housedresses.

Agape always,