12 April 2017

Wondering Wednesday: "How Can I Connect with My Husband?"

Aucassin and Nicolette - Marianne Stokes - Public Domain
The dear lady who posed this question was desperate for an emotional connection with her husband. Her Mr. Husband was Dr. Husband, so most of his emotional energy flowed to his work.  She longed to connect emotionally with her husband and set about doing so by begging him, seducing him, and engaging in other ineffective techniques.

I perceive that admiration is the number one way to encourage emotional intimacy with Mr. Husband or Mr. Potential Husband.  Please let me explain with a brief excerpt from my curriculum, A Fascinating Companion:  
"Adult males face a constant struggle to move forward in life. In higher education and in the workplace, men face an environment that is often hostile to them, particularly for those men who espouse a more traditional worldview. Most men marry eventually, and if he is not careful, a man may marry a physically attractive woman utterly lacking in character who will take him for all he is worth, leaving him bitter and broke at mid-life. 
"In sum, most men have gone through their lives experiencing varying levels of misery and disrespect.  Admiration helps to heal men’s wounded spirits." (page 124)
The woman who "helps to heal [a man's] wounded spirits" (ibid.) allows him a feeling of safety.  He can let down his guard; he can allow himself to feel.  When that happens, emotional intimacy almost always follows.  At least, that has been my life experience.  

As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped you.

Agape always,

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