10 April 2017

Femininity Friday-ish: Classic Feminine Makeup

Dear Ladies,

(By way of explanation, I was almost ready to publish the following blog post and videos on Friday when I received some news that distracted me until this morning.  Another punch with which to roll.  Semper Gumby is my secret motto, apparently.)

Attractive, appropriate makeup is part of the Feminine Persona for most women.  Although makeup styles differ depending on culture and fashions, classic feminine makeup for the past seventy years or so has included a smooth complexion along with eye and lip enhancements.

What about Conturing?  Conturing has gone in and out of fashion--mostly out--and techniques vary greatly, depending on the individual woman's face shape and bone structure.  Conturing, it seems to me, should be taught to each woman individually by a professional who knows what she is doing.

Classic feminine makeup, by contrast, can be learned casually and individualized on one's own.  I like to wear a dark pink lipstick (examples: Raspberry Glace by Clinique when my finances are better $$ or Revlon's Love that Pink when finances are tight $) or red lipstick (examples:  Tabu's Bermuda Red $$ or Revlon's Love that Red $) and a makeup base that matches my complexion exactly. I enhance my eyes with eyebrow powder rather than eyebrow pencil because, due to health issues, my natural eyebrows are nearly non-existent.  I don't wear eyeliner because I have hooded eyes, preferring to line my eyes very softly with a charcoal gray pencil instead.  I use a neutral taupe eye shadow with just a bit of bright color on the center of my lid.  Two coats of mascara, and I am done with the entire operation in less than ten minutes.

The first video features a woman with a warm, golden complexion who likes a bold red lip color.  She also demonstrates  the application of false eyelashes.  I don't wear false eyelashes due to issues with the adhesive, but they dramatically enhance the appearance of the eyes. Both videos may include advertising, but I do not benefit from those ads.

The second video shows a woman with cool coloring who likes to neutralize her pink-toned complexion a bit by using a neutral makeup base rather than a pink-toned makeup base.  She shows how to change her look in a subtle, but effective, way.

I hope that you enjoyed both videos and I encourage you to enhance your Feminine Persona in some way today.

Agape always,

PS: My Marriage Enrichment Curriculum is available on my Etsy shop as well as on Lulu. I appreciate your help with supporting my family.  Thank you.

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