31 March 2017

Femininity Friday: How Men Choose Their Wives

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Dear Ladies,

I hope that everyone is doing good, feeling well, and sharing her joie de vivre with others!

I read with interest the article "The Truth About How Men Choose The Woman They're Going To Marry" [sic] by James Allen Hanrahan from YourTango.com.  Since the website contains a liberal amount of racy content that might offend gentle lady readers, I will summarize the article and then share my thoughts.

Mr. Hanrahan argues that men want to marry women who help men to feel better about themselves as men, who allow men to care for them, and who are happy within themselves to the point that they simply exude confidence without behaving arrogantly.

Has Mr. Hanrahan been reading The Original Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets and Fascinating Womanhood™?

The basis of everything that Mr. Hanrahan describes, it seems to me, is a wholesome spirit and a healthy mental attitude.  From The Original Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets, we learn the following:

"Unwholesomeness can surprise you in a thousand disguises. Some of the most common of the forms it assumes are anger, envy, jealousy, cynicism, malice, spite, revenge, hate, sullenness, pessimism, impatience, cruelty, fury, resentment, and suspicion. NOW, AS SOON AS ONE OF THESE SENTIMENTS CENTERS IN YOUR BRAIN, ITS IRRITATING INFLUENCE IS CARRIED BY THE NERVES TO EVERY ORGAN IN YOUR SYSTEM. The beat of your heart, the digestive fluids of your stomach, the functioning of your kidneys, liver, lungs, the important flow of juices from numerous glands, even the flow of saliva, are adversely affected. This interference with the smooth running of the human machine causes actual physical injury; and the more often it is repeated the more permanent the injury becomes. If continued, the damage to the system may become irreparable. Everyone knows that when he is depressed mentally, he grows depressed physically. Everybody does not realize, however, that the physical depression sometimes remains permanently after the mental depression has vanished. Let us not, then, by indulgence in ugly thoughts, invite this unwelcome and long-remaining visitor.
"Buoyant and kindly thoughts have exactly the opposite effect. These also assume a thousand disguises, some of the most frequent being optimism, faith, fondness, love, kindness, cheerfulness, joy, contentment, sympathy, playfulness, devotion, and enthusiasm. Similarly, when one of these sentiments centers in your brain, the nerves carry its influence throughout your system. But this influence, instead of being injurious, is invigorating. Instead of feeling depressed, you feel strengthened, warmed, and stimulated. And you are. Every nerve and every organ in your body is benefited." (pp. 84-5, capital letters are part of the original text)
As Mr. Hanrahan notes, premarital physical intimacy is not the key.  The key is confident femininity, and that all starts with a healthy mental attitude, at least in my estimation.

May God heap blessings upon  you and yours.

Agape always,

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