10 March 2017

Femininity Friday: FW-Related Videos

Michael Ancher - Sea Promenade - Public Domain Image

I hope that everyone is feeling well, doing good, and sharing her joie de vivre with others!

Every few months or so, I run "Fascinating Womanhood" through the YouTube search engine to see what appears.  Yesterday, the following two videos popped up, both of them quite interesting.  What joy was brought into my heart by seeing the late, great Mrs. A.!  The early FW teachers and their techniques were a joy to see, too. 

The videos seem  to be from a PBS news series structured along the lines of Sixty Minutes.  The first video in interesting in its entirety.  The second video holds particular interest in that the lady who receives the Christmas gift shows exactly how to receive a gift in a girlish manner.  After about the 3:40 mark, the second video relates to Cinderella and Artie Shaw, among other matters.

Enjoy with every blessing!

Agape always,


Dawn said...

What an unusual show! It was fun seeing the old hairdos and fashions.

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Dawn,

Yes, the show was interesting! I wondered if it were some sort of theme show on women's dreams, but then the Artie Shaw portion started and there went my theme, haha. I love seeing the old hair styles and clothes, too: so many ways to be pretty!

Agape always,