21 March 2017

A New Marriage Enrichment Class!

Cover Courtesy of Goodreads

This Marriage Enrichment class is open enrollment/open graduation, meaning that you may join us at any time and take up to six months to complete the thirteen-session class. Christian Marriage Enrichment is a new class, so not all thirteen of the sessions will be available on the first day; students can expect a new recording at least weekly, however.

Although the class emphasizes Christian marriage, women of all religious faiths are welcome. However, the class is not the place to critique Christian marriage principles.

The class is primarily for married or engaged women, but single women would likely find the information helpful for future reference.

The class takes place via an online Moodle classroom. Students have access to the recorded classes for six months as well as to quizzes, readings, and integration exercises that are found only in the Christian Marriage Enrichment class taught by Cynthia Berenger.

The Christian Marriage Enrichment class includes six months' access to the following:

  • Over thirteen hours of recorded online Marriage Enrichment classes, including both video and audio (a $100.00 value)
  • Quizzes, readings, and integration exercises exclusively for this class
  • Private Moodle classroom forum to discuss the lesson material with other students. The one restriction will be that students not write uncharitably about other people, particularly their husbands. If a student has a situation about which she would like feedback from classmates, she should send me the information, and I will post it in the classroom for discussion. Weekly student participation is encouraged but not required.
The thirteen class sessions correspond to the chapters in Mrs. Cooper's book (with my own spin, naturally!) and are as follows:

❧ "God's Plan for Marriage"

❧ "Your Relationship with God

❧ "Mr. Husband's Self-Esteem"

❧ "Loving Mr. Husband As He Is"

❧ "Submission Does Not Mean Second Best"

❧ "Following Mr. Husband's Leadership"

❧ "God's Protection of Us"

❧ "God's Best for Us"

❧ "Inner Beauty"

❧ "Handling Problems and Trials"

❧ "Outer Beauty"

❧ "Physical Fulfillment in Marriage"

❧ "New Beginnings"

What the Class Isn't...
  • A place to write uncharitably about others (violates basic Christian principles)
  • Professional marital counseling (I'm not a licensed counselor)
  • Professional spiritual counseling or instruction (I'm not a clergyman)
  • Professional legal counseling or information (I'm not an attorney)
  • Professional medical consultation (I'm not a physician)
Date: Join any day and take six months to complete the class.

Time: Except for scheduled maintenance times, the classrooms are available 24/7.

Cost: $25.00

Book: Each participant will need her own copy of Mrs. Cooper's book You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband, either the 2010 version or an earlier version.

To Enroll: Please write to me at fwclass (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I will send to you an enrollment form to complete. Alternatively, you may find a copy of the form by copying and pasting the following link in your browser - https://app.box.com/s/xficonq7f7k0m7tfzjrcm7sxi7l32wd6. Download and complete form, and e-mail the completed form to me.

After I receive your form, I will send to you a PayPal invoice. When the invoice is fulfilled, you may start your class, usually within twenty-four hours.

Please don't hesitate to write or to comment with any questions that you have.

Agape always,

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