21 January 2017

Have Yourself a Merry Little Burns Night

Rabbie Burns - Alexander Naysmith - Pubic Domain via Wikipedia

Just when I thought that the January fun might be over, I remembered that Robert Burns's birthday is coming up this next Wednesday, the 25th.

Like most of the Romantic poets, Burns was "mad, bad, and dangerous to know,"* particularly for females, but I can appreciate his work nonetheless:  "Ye Banks and Braes," "A Man's a Man" (while a radical poem in its day, the ideas are now considered mainstream), and "A Red, Red Rose" are my particular favorites among Burns's many deserving writings.  His "Address to a Haggis" has never really caught on with me, but some consider it to be his defining work.

While a full-on Burns Supper is a formal, multi-hour affair featuring traditional Scots cuisine that includes such yummies as Haggis and Shortbread, our family won't go to that length.  Rather, since Wednesday is our "ethnic" night, I plan to serve my own version Scots dinner:  Cock-a-Leekie Soup made from Monday night's roast chicken leftovers; Salmon accompanied by Rumbledethumps.

Here follow a pair of YouTube videos that share his poetry set to music, and they would lend themselves to homeschool discussion topics (the geography, flora, and fauna of Scotland; Scotland's history; Scotland's politics).

* said by Lady Caroline Lamb about and to Byron

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