02 January 2017

Five Fascinating Resolutions (that almost every woman can keep!)

Van Gogh - Almond Blossoms - Public Domain
Are you enjoying a fascinating new year so far?  I hope so!  I thought of five resolutions for 2017 that might help to set us on our journey to be more fascinating...

1.  Take better care of the body.

Your body carries you around, helps you to relate to Mr. Husband, and helps you to care for your family.  Thus, it deserves appropriate care, whatever that means in your unique situation.  Mrs. Andelin shares some ideas that have helped me, and I have always checked to make sure that whatever I decided to do was approved by my health care professional.  I suggest that you do the same.

2.  Shed joy around in some way every day.

I have found that even when I don’t feel particularly happy, if I smile at my family members and try to help them to have a pleasant day, my mood lifts.  Of course, your results may vary.

3.  Complete a dozen homemaking tasks (including taking some time for self-care) six days a week.      

A thoughtfully made “Daily Dozen” list includes most of the tasks in running a home, it seems to me.

4.  Remain informed and expand the knowledge base.

Especially for women who are blessed to be at home full-time, achieving wisdom is easier than it has ever been.  This year, I have set a goal of reading a book every month.

5.   Dress and behave in a feminine way.

What that means varies based on culture, religion, and individual preferences; however, I do believe that when we look feminine and act feminine, eventually the feminine temperament will follow. 

Some ladies might say, “I don’t make resolutions because I always break them.” When we make a resolution, we are at the beginning point of setting a goal. A goal should be something concrete that we can actually do within a reasonable period of time.

The following statement is not a goal: “My husband will give me lots of love.”  Most married women would like that, but it isn’t really a goal because 1) someone else is involved and 2) it is too abstract: what is “lots of love”?

A goal would be something like, “I will take better care of my body by weaning myself off of fizzy, sugary beverages.  I will do that by eliminating one beverage a day each day for three weeks, starting today.”  Someone setting this goal would know in three weeks whether the goal had been met or whether it needed to be changed.

A goal for resolution three above would be something like, “I will make my own Daily Dozen list by the end of this week by listing what my husband, children, and I believe to be the most important homemaking jobs.  Starting next Monday, I will do my Daily Dozen three days out of six the first week, four days out of six the second week, five days out of six the third week, and six days out of six the fourth week.”

As always, I hope that my little “woman-to-woman” ideas have helped.

Happy 2017!

Agape always,


Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Hi Cynthia! Thanks for the list
It was well written and thoughtfully made with love. Happy new year!

Cynthia Berenger said...

Thank you! I appreciate your lovely compliment. A fascinating 2017 to you!