23 December 2016

Femininity Friday: Last Minute Gifts that You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Courtesy of Microsoft
I saw snowflakes here today!  What fun!

Some people (my late grandfather was among them) wait until the last minute each year before purchasing gifts.  Grandmother reported that he would have a "Bah-humbug!" moment shortly after Thanksgiving and relent on or about December 23.  Poor Grandma would have to run around their town trying to find something for everyone on their list.  

Here follow a few ideas I learned from Grandma, all of which can be found at the grocery store:
  1. For the Republicans on your list, the dry ingredients to make and recipe for Mamie's Million-Dollar Fudge;
  2. A magazine or comic book that the person would like with a candy bar rolled up inside;
  3. Coconut oil and a loofah for the person with dry skin;
  4. The latest hair styling tool;
  5. A garlic press (everyone except Queen Elizabeth II needs one) and a lemon reamer along with garlic and lemons; 
  6. A roaster filled with spices and roasting bags;
  7. Nutella and stick pretzels or cookies for dipping;
  8. Box of really good tea (Twining's Lady Grey springs to mind) and a pretty teacup and saucer or mug;
  9. Coloring book and crayons (These used to be just for the youngsters, but now, people of all ages enjoy coloring);
  10. A pretty or interest-related ornament for next year's tree.
Enjoy with every blessing!

Agape always,


Laura Jeanne said...

How funny that Queen Elizabeth won't eat garlic! I'm not a big fan of garlic either, because of the way it lingers on your breath...I thought I was the only one, but I guess not. :)

Cynthia Berenger said...

The breath issue is, according to reports, HM's concern, too. I love garlic for its taste and medicinal value.