18 November 2016

Femininity Friday: A Success Story and Cranberry Sauce for a Crowd

Courtesy of Two Hearts Design

My "Cranberry Sauce for a Crowd" recipe has been one of the most-read blog posts, and it relates to a success story. 

My student Angie writes the following Success Story, shared with her permission:

I took a Fascinating Womanhood class soon after I married for the first time, and I credit the class with the thirty happy years I spent with Rafael, who passed away three years ago [eleven years now--CB].  Unfortunately, Rafael's death left me angry at him, angry at God, and angry at women with husbands.

My daughter and I took Cynthia's Marriage Enrichment class, which helped both of us: my daughter's marriage improved and all the nastiness and bickering stopped in her home and I began to see myself as a happy, feminine woman again, not a dried up old widow.

Then I met Rick when he stopped me for a burned out headlight on my car.  His sweet spirit melted my heart, and when after six months of dating he proposed, I said yes.  We married and were very happy, and yet, I had a hard time trusting Rick.  He didn't do anything to cause that feeling of distrust; I just felt that way.  Cynthia asked me if I trusted God.  I realized that was the real problem.  I didn't trust God--my ultimate protector, provider, and guide--to take care of me if Rick failed, somehow, or if I was widowed again.  After realizing what the real problem was, I was able to move forward from that cold place of distrust to enjoy a warm, loving relationship with my new husband.

I am happy to report that Rick and Angie have been happily married for eight years this week.  Angie's daughter has now been married for twenty-four years, when their marriage was very much "on the rocks" when they took the class together.  Beautiful! 


When Rick and Angie married, they involved all their relatives and friends in their reception, something that Braveheart and I loved.  We contributed my Cranberry Sauce for a Crowd; several guests asked for my recipe, and I published it on my blog in November 2008. 

Five cups orange juice (not from concentrate, no additives)
Four envelopes unflavored gelatin
Three and one-third cups sugar
One-quarter cup grated orange zest (optional)
Sixty ounces fresh cranberries (rinsed and drained--remove any stems or squishy berries)

Pour the orange juice into a large pot and sprinkle the gelatin on top.  Allow to dissolve for one minute.  Place the pot over a medium burner and add the sugar, stirring to dissolve.  Add the cranberries and the orange zest.  Allow to cook for about fifteen minutes.  The sauce should come to a slow boil and lots of the cranberries should pop.  Place into a non-reactive dish (I use a clear glass casserole) and refrigerate until set.  Stir before serving.

Copyright (c) 2008 Cynthia Berenger All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to link to or to follow my blog, but do not reproduce any part of it in any way without my express written permission. Thank you.


Blessed Homemaking said...

What a wonderful testimony, Cynthia! That must bless you to hear of such success in marriages.

Cynthia Berenger said...

Thank you! The success stories bless me and I hope that they bless others, too.

Bridget said...

I loved this! Thanks for sharing. ��

Cynthia Berenger said...

You are welcome, Bridget!