11 November 2016

Femininity Friday: Reconciliation

Tea - Mary Cassatt - Public Domain via Wikipedia

Dear Ladies,

You may have heard about the election here in the United States this week.  The voice of the people has been heard, and Donald Trump of New York is our President-Elect.  The identity of the person for whom I voted is irrelevant; I want to be a fascinating force for felicity when others are upset.

The idea, it seems to me, is to bring people together for some low-tech, face-to-face amusement.  Nobody expects anything fancy from me, so the pressure to impress is off.  I am inviting friends into my home on a drop-in basis during the late afternoon and early evening hours on Friday.  We will set up two card tables:  one with a 500-piece puzzle and another with homemade molding dough and a Pictionary game (we mold the words instead of drawing them).  I will offer hummus, tuna salad, pitas, and chips, and a friend and her husband contributed a tri-tip for the slow cooker.   Everyone who attends will likely bring something to share.  Tea and tenderness, I hope, will abound.

What can you do to bring people together?

My goal is reconciliation.  I have friends whom I fear may never speak to each other again if they don't speak soon.

I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped.

Agape always,

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