22 October 2016

Working Wives: Need or Greed? An Allegory of Possible Interest

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As time allows, I enjoy reading the works of Patrice Lewis on both wnd.com and her blog.  A recent column, a prelapsarian allegory, brought serious thoughts to mind.  Do most women work for pay because of greed, as the allegory suggests?  Or do most working wives do so because of need or in obedience to their husbands?  

I believe the latter to be true, but I could be wrong.  I have not personally known a working wife--let alone a working mother--who wouldn't quit in a heartbeat but for the household's financial need and/or her husband's order that she work.

What are your thoughts?  Work-for-pay wives: need or greed?  You can leave a one-word comment or I'll figure out how to post a poll early next week.

Agape always,

Link to the column: http://www.wnd.com/2016/10/when-the-devil-went-down-to-georgia-an-allegorical-tale/


Laura Jeanne said...

The lady in the story seemed to be wanting to work out of greed - she already had everything she needed. And I'm sure there are others like her. However, I don't believe MOST working mothers are doing so out of need or out of greed, but rather due a lack of understanding of what constitutes "need." True, it is very difficult to live one income, and it means we cannot have many things that other people have...but that does not mean that we "need" for me to work. We are surviving, and living pretty normally by the standards of past generations. But I am sure that most people, if they were to see our bank account, would declare that I "need" to go to work outside the home so we can have more disposable income. But for me, I need to be with my children, more than I "need" to go on a vacation every year.

I think the general population today has been indoctrinated, by many decades of clever advertising, to believe we need far more than we really do. It's sad.

I also find it interesting that so many men today want their wives to work. In the past, it was the opposite. My grandmother often talks about how she wanted to work outside the home when she was first married, but my grandfather absolutely forbade it - he wanted her to be there when he got home from work, with his supper ready! She obeyed. Why don't men of today want this for themselves too? Or would they rather have more toys? People today are so blinded by all the materialistic messages in the media and advertising. They have really come to believe they "need" so, so many things that are not needs at all.

Cynthia Berenger said...

Dear Laura,

Yes, men used to feel ashamed when their wives work; her doing so was a sign that he was inadequate in his role as the provider. Today, however, single women who do work have reported to me (and I have experienced) that their suitors have their earnings pre-spent on luxuries: motorcycles, boats, horses, etc.

When I wrote about needs, though, I meant shelter, food, and clothing. My family, for example, would not have shelter if I did not work outside the home. If a woman is married and her husband can provide the necessities on his income alone, I truly do believe that she should avoid working for pay as it changes the dynamic in the relationship and due to the negative effects on the children.

Have a fascinating day!

Agape always,