19 October 2016

Wondering Wednesday: A Season of Preparation

Woman Hanging Laundry - Camille Pissarro - 1887
"What are you doing?"  

More than one of my gentle lady readers has written to ask this or a similar question, and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for thinking about me and caring about what might be occupying my daily life.  

Pondering the answer led me to a, perhaps, important realization that I am in a time of preparation for something new in my life. I chose the Pissarro painting above as I remember with longing the simple days of my married life when all I had to do was help Braveheart, the youngsters, and myself to be happy and healthy.  

Now, every day is a real struggle.  I try and I sometimes succeed but usually not to the needed level.  I juggle and keep those plates spinning.  Women criticize me for holding a job, but these are women who have never been alone in the world with dependents to support. 

What's Up at My House

1.  Preparing extra-frugal meals that the family will enjoy and benefit from nutritionally.
2.  Preparing two books for publication.  For those who would like to help with my costs, please feel free to make a donation or I will have a crowdfunding source up soon.
3.  Preparing to move us, again, next summer.  The complex where we live is changing, not in a good way, with our acquaintances leaving and telling us to "stay safe."  
4.  Preparing to see traditional American values take a further nosedive.
5.  Preparing to start a third in-home business, one I hope will succeed to the level I need it to succeed and that nobody will--allegedly--take materials from to start her/his own copycat business.
6.  Preparing a lesson on different ways to use the word "preparing."

In sum, these are the reasons I have not been producing much in the way of new blog posts.  I hope that you have enjoyed the re-runs.

I appreciate your prayers and notes of encouragement.  Thank you.  Please keep praying for us.  I ask, in particular, for prayers for the intention of "victory, as God wills."   I pray for you all each day in a general way as well as for those of you who have told me about specific issues.  

As Timothy Cratchit said, "God bless us, every one."

Agape always,

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