07 October 2016

Femininity Friday: The Easiest Cake in the Universe

Tea - Mary Cassatt - Public Domain via Wikipedia

Hello, Dear Fascinating Ones!

The following blog post is from October 2013, and I am re-sharing it today because the "pop cake" as the youngsters call it is being served this afternoon as part of an impromptu gathering Chez Berenger.  I am using a yellow cake mix, a bit of cinnamon, and ginger ale for an early autumn touch.

Agape always,


One of the great joys of life--sharing hospitality--proves to be a bit of a challenge.  Last year, I wrote about keeping a hospitality section in your pantry, an idea given to me by one of my students, K. from Illinois.  This past week I learned of a way to make a cake very quickly and very easily.  

You could keep the two ingredients in your pantry and put together a cake at very short notice.  The two ingredients are a cake mix (brand and flavor of your choice) and a sixteen ounce soft drink (again, brand and flavor of your choice).

Are you ready for the method?  Mix together the cake mix and the soft drink until thoroughly combined.  Bake according to package directions.  That's right--just the cake mix and the soft drink.  

Combinations I have heard of or tried include the following:  Chocolate cake mix and Dr. Pepper; white cake mix and orange soda; white cake mix and strawberry soda. 

I have eaten the cake frosted and simply dressed with a little jam (no frosting at all), and I prefer the unfrosted cake.

I realize that most of my gentle readers are Domestic Queens/Artists/Angels/Goddesses-in-progress, as am I, and do not usually rely upon a mix when baking anything.  However, I believe that this method could be useful in a pinch.

Agape always,

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