28 January 2013

A Threebie: Aquinas, Austen, and One Masculine Guy

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Regular readers of this blog will know already my affection for St. Thomas Aquinas, Jane Austen, and my family.  Today, all three have converged.

Today is the memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, who (outside of Christ and, perhaps, my parents) h as had more influence over my life than anyone else.  I had been taught our faith since my youngest and tenderest years, but I didn't really understand our faith until I read Aquinas' Summa Theologica, which changed my life.  Then, I read about him.  While his works formed my mind, Aquinas' example of humble prayer and attention to the ordinary activities of life and serving others formed my heart.

Today is also the anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  She, like Aquinas, formed my heart; seeing Eliza forgive Fitzwilliam and seeing Fitzwilliam rescue Eliza's family from ignominy helped me to see a complexity in human relationships that stands me well to this day.  In addition, Eliza Bennet is a spot-on representation of the ideal woman as taught in Fascinating Womanhood.

Finally, and most wonderfully, this weekend, one of my male relatives showed his masculine protectiveness in a very forthright and brave way.  (Digression:  You see, we have a problem with people using drugs and selling drugs near our home.  Shocking, I know, but true.  Yes, the police have been informed; no, they do not respond as the activity is occurring on private property.  No, I am not joking. End of Digression.)  On Saturday night, a rather worse for wear blue sedan with three occupants pulled up about twenty feet from our home.   One of the occupants was smoking and doing the "inhale and hold" technique associated with marijuana smoking.   Well, my relative saw this, went outside, and said to the occupants of the vehicle, "Excuse me: This isn't a good place to smoke weed!"   The people left immediately, and I don't believe they will return.  I realize that my relative took his safety in his hands when he did so, but I, for one, admire him.

Agape always,

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Kate said...

Ah, Cynthia.......I too love St. Thomas Aquinas! I actually just finished Chesterton's work on his life. It was really excellent.
I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when I was seventeen and have loved it ever since. I may need to pull it out again.....;)
So sorry about your current neighborhood situation! We will continue to pray that you are able to re-locate somewhere safer soon! (I also admire your relative very much for what he did!)

May God bless you!

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