03 January 2013

2013 Homemaking Slogan

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Thanks to the twenty-five visitors who voted.  I do appreciate your taking a moment to help.   Readers overwhelmingly chose the following slogan:  "I am a Domestic Queen in 2013."  How fun!  

Last year, I had only three goals and fulfilled only one (mostly due to being ill from August to December), so I am hoping to do better this year.  Perhaps having a Domestic Queen from history--such as Queen Margaret of Scotland--to inspire me will help.

So far this year, I have made what I hope to be a sustainable weekly/daily schedule.  My monthly and yearly schedules from past years are still serviceable, but I need to take an extra hour or so of rest each day: hence, the new weekly/daily schedule that has me resting nine hours a day (including my sleep time).  

Goals for 2013

Radiant Health:   Rest nine hours each day (more challenging than it sounds); work up to exercising for forty-five minutes a day, six days per week.

The Sweet Promise:  Purchase mini-van; publish the four books I have pending; commence new classes each month (except May).

Domestic Queen:  Cull one-third of my library; give away/sell possessions exceeding ten boxes per room to make anticipated move easier.

Character Emphases: Self-Control and Diligence

Femininity:  Have some fun most days!  I am becoming a little too Agnes-y, if you know what I mean.

Reading: Re-read Bible,Confessions of St. Augustine, Pride and Prejudice, Fascinating Womanhood, and The Art of Homemaking. Read anew Following Jesus, Christian Courtship, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, Killing KennedyHow Children Succeed.  I'll probably pick up a few novels to round out the bunch.

I realize that some of the goals are amorphous, and perhaps that is okay at this early stage of planning. 

Agape always,

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Happy New Year to you Cynthia. Thank you for sharing your 2013 goals. They are very inspiring because they are different to the usual 'list'. I like the way you have lovely-named areas to focus on. Thank you also for maintaining this blog; it is a favourite of mine. Blessings to you.

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