29 November 2012

December's Fascinating Womanhood Class

Michael Ancher's Sea Promenade 1896 (Image in Public Domain)
I have a new Basic Fascinating Womanhood class commencing next week.  My class runs fourteen weeks, and students have two weeks beyond that to access the recordings and course materials.  The class is held live on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 Pacific Time.  Most ladies, however, listen to the recorded class, which I send out (almost always) within twenty-four hours of the live class.  The course fee is $35.00, paid via PayPal. 

Please be advised that all recordings and class materials are protected under copyright law with all rights reserved; therefore, you may not use my materials to teach your own Fascinating Womanhood class without receiving my express written permission first.  

I am not starting any new Advanced Students until January 2013.  If you are interested in being an Advanced Student and do not wish to wait until January, I suggest that you join as a Basic Student now and upgrade to being an Advanced Student in January.  I will have openings for three Advanced Students in January.

For a flyer and enrollment form, please visit my website CynthiaBerenger.com

Agape always,

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